Sergent James

by Alexandre Perez


Synopsis : It is Leo’s bedtime. When his mum goes to switch off the light, the little boy thinks there is something under his bed.

LEO: Could you leave the light on?

MOM : Why Darling ?

LEO: I … I think there’s something under my bed.

In SERGENT JAMES the viewer is (almost) an actor of the film since it is the starting point of the scenario. The monster (or friend) hidden under his bed is none other than us, spectator. From there, we will discover the magic life of James’s room. Toys that come alive, lights that light up, a passing dog, an electric train that derails, we are transported to a world bordering on fantasy, but above all fairyland, in which the immersive experience of the 360 ​​° takes All its meaning when magic operates.


(Choose when you want. With the VR mask on your eyes at UGC De Brouckère, you’ll just have to notify our team you want to see “Sergent James”)


Alexandre Perez


Alexandre Perez